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Who We Are

Our mission is to help homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

Family Promise brings shelter, meals, and support services to pregnant women and families who are experiencing or soon will be facing homelessness. Family Promise is a cost-efficient and effective community response to the families in our community who are struggling to find or keep housing.

We offer help for families consisting of two parent, single parent, or legal guardians with at least one child under the age of 18. We also help pregnant women with or without children under the age of 18.

We do not support single persons. Please contact Bridge to Home 661.254.4663.

We house families in our Interim House for 30-90 days while they find employment, save money, and find housing. Guidelines: Completion of criminal background screening, no untreated mental health issues, no active domestic violence (court order must be in place), no active substance abuse (we test for opioids, alcohol, methamphetamine, and THC, no pets, and families must be capable of participating in a structured, group living environment supervised by program staff.

On a case-by-case basis, we are able to shelter families in motels if they qualify for our program. We do not receive or distribute emergency motel vouchers.

Family Promise SCV works in collaboration with other social service agencies. You do not need a formal referral to request help.

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