On November 1, Family Promise held a groundbreaking ceremony. Williams Homes in collaboration with HomeAid Los Angeles will build a resource center with an emergency overnight unit and four interim housing units for families experiencing homelessness.


Imagine that you are a parent with young children – you’ve lost your job, your home, and have exhausted your resources to keep your family safe, fed, clothed, and housed. Imagine you have nowhere to turn as you hold your youngest child in your arms and pray for an answer.

How We Serve Our Community

1. Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley offers help for families consisting of:

• Two parents with child(ren) with at least one child under the age of 18
• Single parents with child(ren) with at least one child under the age of 18
• Legal guardians with child(ren) with at least one child under the age of 18
• Expectant women with or without other children under the age of 18
We do not support single persons.
There is absolutely no fee for services.

2. Shelter

Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley is NOT a shelter.

We house families in our Interim House for 30 to 90 days while they find employment and/or housing. There is a waitlist

In an emergency situation we will pay to shelter families in motels for a brief period until other options become available.

3. Resource Center

The Resource Center addresses the emergency support needs of homeless families with minor children. A variety of continuing education classes are available at our center which address life skills, financial management, parenting and good tenancy. Our new resource center will provide a place for children to do homework, parents to use computers to create resumes and apply for employment, as well as a kitchen where they can learn about healthy meal preparation.

4. Social Service Agencies

Family Promise works in collaboration with many community partners and social service agencies. Local social service agencies refer families to our program and may also help guests find or provide housing, jobs, and other needed services.

5. Volunteers

Volunteers are actively involved in the support of families:

• Provide groceries and meals to families living in our Interim House.

• Coordinate a drive to collect supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, diapers, socks, underwear, etc.

• Collect gift cards to assist families with transportation and gas as well as purchases at stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, Trader Joe’s, Aldi, Ross, etc.

For more information about becoming volunteer please contact Rachel at

6. Admission to our Interim House

• Completion of criminal background screening.
• No active substance abuse. We test for opioids, alcohol, marijuana, and methamphetamine.
• No untreated mental health issues.
• No active domestic violence. A court order must be in place.
• Families must be capable of participating in a structured, group living environment supervised by program staff and the house “parent.”


Thank you for taking a moment to read and understand the urgent need to address family homelessness in our community. Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley has seen, firsthand, what this kind of devastation can do to a family. Parents who are getting up in the morning to another day of exhaustion and lost hope. Children who are confused, missing school and are chronically hungry.

Become a Part of the
Building Hope: Our Family Promise Legacy

Resource Center & Family Housing

Naming OpportunitiesPrice Per UnitNumber of UnitsTotal
Emergency Overnight Unit$150,0001$150,000
Dining Room$15,0006$90,000
Children's Playground$25,0004$100,000
Affordable Housing Units$100,0004$400,000
Living room$10,0005$50,000
Outdoor Family Area$50,0001$50,000
Children's Learning & Homework Center$50,0001$50,000
Entrance Vestibule/reception$40,0001$40,000
Staff Offices$25,0003$75,000
Director's Office$50,0001$50,000
Entry Garden - Front Door Patio$25,0001$25,000
Garden & Lawn$20,0003$60,000
Laundry Room$10,0005$50,000
Restrooms & Showers$10,0008$80,000
Janitor Closet$10,0002$20,000
Bike Rack$3,0001$3,000
Sliding Room Dividers$2,5008$20,000
Sprinkler & Drip System$2,5006$15,000
Computers, Printer (Hardware) & Internet$20,0001$20,000
Security System$7,0001$7,000
Battery Back-up$2,5006$15,000
Solar Panels$10,0006$60,000
Personalized Parking Spots$15,0009$135,000

3 Years of Programming

Naming OpportunitiesPrice Per UnitNumber of UnitsTotal
Family Housing and Stabilization Program$75,0005$15,000
Family Housing Units (onsite)$100,0004$25,000
Emergency Overnight Unit$100,0002$50,000
Resource Center Education Programs$125,0001$125,000
Financial Literacy Programs$100,0002$50,000
Total Naming Opportunities:$2,300,000

For more information, contact: